I am an experienced product designer in both consumer products, and brand development. I have worked on various types of projects and with many clients such as Jacob Jensen, Siemens Healthcare, ECCO, Verifone, Nachtmann, Sportsbud, Scypho, Timesulin, Postnord. While working with large organizations gave me an excellent level of brand awareness, working with startups and small organizations gave me the opportunity to learn more about project management, branding, marketing, and design strategy.

My design process is driven by the relevant information I collect during my research. To me this process requires searching and finding the meaningful point where all stakeholders, especially end users are happy. I have an extensive understanding of the design process from idea to manufacturing. I am highly qualified in ideation, sketching and 3d form exploration, and have an in-depth knowledge in surface modeling, visualization, prototyping and production. Furthermore, I have sufficient knowledge in coding and basic grasp of electronics.

I am one of the co-founders of the HUE Studio, which is an industrial design consultancy based in Stockholm. We are a group of ambitious and curious design geeks with the desire to design outstanding products and experiences. We have successfully helped several startups to develop their ideas into reality.

Currently I am a senior product designer at Yamaha Music in Japan.